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What are some of the perks of being a token holder?

  • Holders will be able to submit proposals for projects to be incubated

  • Secret menu items, VIP rates and unlimited caffeine at our locations

  • Immediate access to reservations for SPEAKEASE Bar

  • Ability to book members only areas

  • Exclusive member events, lectures and tutorials curated by Speakease

  • Access to our Discord where we will host various events, including weekly Prep Sesh, Happy Hour, Open Mic Nights and live music performances.

How  and when can I purchase a SPEAKEASE Founder’s Pass NFT?

  • Founders Passes will be minted on our home page in early 2023. After the mint, our NFTs will be available on various  secondary markets.


What will the proceeds from the sale of the NFT be used for?

  • The sale of NFTs will fund the lease, build and operation of the first Speakease IRL location. The capital will also be used towards the pursuit of roadmap milestones. We will also allocate resources aside to be spent on developing web3 projects. A portion of the proceeds will act as capital reserves to be deployed conservatively until SPEAKEASE is cash flow positive.


What are the governance benefits of the token?

  • Token holders will be included in governance decisions such as menu choices, designs and curation for the metaverse bar and art museum, and direction and control of the community-led initiatives. Token holders will also decide on the location of all future SPEAKEASE IRL locations. We understand that voter apathy is a relevant and ongoing issue and pledge that we will seek out systems to engage and develop community in meaningful ways.

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