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One foot solidly IRL and the other
in the metaverse.

More than just a cafe and speakeasy bar.
More than just a spirits company.
More than your typical NFT.

Launching in early 2023


SPEAKEASE Founder's Pass is a collection of 9999 NFTs to be minted on the Ethereum network. Benefits of the token will include IRL perks like unlimited caffeine, secret menu items and the use of members-only areas. NFT holders will also receive access to the Discord Bar, Metaverse Art Museum and SPEAKEASE Virtual Bar. They will also be involved in governance decisions and the development of Speakease DAO. One of the most exciting benefits of being a Founder's Pass holder will be the ability also be able to submit projects for grant and incubation programs.  

  • The 'Gram
  • Twitter



Hospitality is our core mission. It will shine through everything that we do. And we plan on bring hospitality into the Web3 by becoming a steward and liaison for projects. We will offer curated tutorials, lectures and resources for token holders at every part of the crypto journey. Proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will be used to develop and incubate community-led projects. 

The Roadmap



  • Launch first NFT offering, Founders Pass

  • Launch SPEAKEASE IRL in Toronto, a hybrid space with a cafe in the front and a speakeasy bar in the back. The front of the location will be a work space and incubator for web3 businesses. The building will also serve as a physical nodes for DAOs. The back of the location will be reserved for token holders and include group and individual work pods, as well as the SPEAKEASE Bar. 

  • Launch the sale of first bottled cocktail, THE TORONTO. 


  • Launch the second bottled cocktail, The Black Negroni across all of North America. Proceeds from the sales of TBN will go towards funding black-led community initiatives.

  • Additional governance-led community initiatives

  • MERCH. Say Less.




  • Metaverse SPEAKEASE Bar & Art Museum

  • Second Speakease IRL location to be determined by token holders

  • Third cocktail to be decided, designed and developed by token holders


  • Second NFT offering and Speakease DAO

  • Launch of second location of SPEAKEASE IRL

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