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Last Modified: February 21, 2022

Speakease Beverage Company Inc. (“Speakease” or “We”) exists to operate a brand and business in the hospitality and tech space. Speakease plans to use an NFT offering to raise capital in order to achieve the goals as set out in the Roadmap.
We are offering a sale of digital collectables called the SPEAKEASE Founder's Pass. It’s ownership is digitally verified on the Ethereum block chain. Although Speakease will make reasonable efforts to the achievement of its promises, the purchase of these NFTs is a transaction in goods and NOT a promise to provide, nor guarantee receipt of future services from Speakease.

Of course, you understand and agree that the sale of a Founders Pass grants you no rights or carries with it no guarantee of future performance by any Speakease entity. As an NFT holder, you are not entitled to any dividends or profits, nor are you liable for any debts. NFT holders also exercise NO power over the appointing of corporate officials in Speakease Beverage Company Inc, nor does the holding of the NFT entitle the holder to subscription rights in the corporation. Any functionality of the NFT will be determined by Speakease at its sole and absolute discretion.

You understand that the development of such a business is a risky endeavor and acknowledge any possible foreseen and unforeseen risks and disasters. Your purchase of an NFT could lead to the complete loss of your money, and no payments would be returned. Membership NFTs will be created and delivered to any purchaser at the sole risk of the purchaser and on an “as-is” basis. Purchaser has not relied on any representations or warranties made by Speakease or any other person outside of the context of these Terms of Sale, including but not limited to conversations of any kind, including but not limited to whether such statements are made through oral or electronic communication, or any White Paper, social media post or website.

The sale of the Non-Fungable Token is governed by, and these Terms of Sale will be construed in accordance with Ontario law, without regard to conflict of laws principles. All disputes with Speakease by you or your successors or assigns directly or indirectly arising under or in relation to these Terms of Sale of the NFTs shall be brought and resolved solely and exclusively in final and binding arbitration in Ontario.

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